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September 26, 2017

6:56 PM

Bitcoin Bruised but Unbroken After Jamie Dimond Attack

Bitcoin prices are still off this month, after speculators suffered a one-two-three punch combination that rattled crypto markets earlier this month. First, the Chinese government essentially banned ICOs within the country, sending bitcoin prices plummeting to 40 percent below their all-time highs – not that we haven’t seen that before. Then on Wednesday of last […]

September 19, 2017

5:19 PM

Blockchain Technology: The Root of the Cryptocurrency Revolution

Blockchain, the brainchild of an elusive programmer and computer expert who goes by the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, appears poised to enable the Internet to make a quantum leap. Blockchain technology makes it possible for information to be transmitted without being directly copied. This is the innovation that is at the root of the cryptocurrency revolution. […]

September 13, 2017

5:15 PM

What’s Behind the Chinese Crackdown on ICOs?

Bitcoin prices fell more than 5 percent early this week thanks to a decision by Chinese regulators to ban organizations from using initial coin offerings (ICOs) to fundraise. Bitcoin fell from USD $4,584 to USD $4,350 within hours of the announcement, and has continued to decline: As of this writing on September 6th, 2017, bitcoin […]