Forex Education

Day Trading the Forex

Learning to trade currencies is a process that takes time. Successful traders will generally choose a strategy that suits a particular goal or lifestyle. One such approach gaining in popularity is forex day trading. A trader using this particular tactic typically holds a position for no more than 24 hours. On the other hand, an intraday trader holds a position for more than 24 hours, but generally not long-term. Positions held in intraday forex trading might be for just a couple of days or weeks, but can sometimes be longer. When considering forex trading strategies, the successful trader will not choose just day or intraday trading, but may see fit to combine both methods, depending on the circumstances. There are different types of day trading and intraday trading systems, which will perform trades automatically, based on pre-set parameters. The use of one or more automated trading systems, combined with a thorough forex education is the mark of the knowledgeable trader. However, using too many systems or indicators (or using the wrong one) can create confusion and lead to losses. Choose a day trading […]

Forex Brokers

A number of traders use the services of a brokerage firm to handle the majority of their trades. This is just as true with forex. Forex brokers provide traders with a trading platform (or dealing station) that allow them to buy and sell foreign currencies. Some traders utilize several brokers, as even the best forex broker can only handle a very small portion of the volume of the overall foreign exchange market. Most major forex brokers will allow clients to use a practice demo account so that they can get a good understanding of what trading is all about. It is a wise idea to test out as many platforms and strategies as possible before deciding on which broker to use and which methodology to practice when you begin to trade real money., GCI financial, FXCM and Advanced Currency Markets (ACM forex) are popular forex brokerage firms, among many others. Study each broker and choose carefully. Traders like the forex market because of the 24-hour accessibility and brokers help to monitor the trades at all times. However, hiring a broker is not […]

Forex Futures Trading

Forex futures is a derivative of the forex market. However, the volume of forex futures trading is about 1% of the total forex market. This market operates in much the same way as traditional futures, such as for commodities: The futures are purchased on a contract, which specifies the currency pair(s), the amount, the date of purchase, and the price of the purchase on that date. Although the forex market is not centralized and is operated from various countries around the world, the majority of forex options, including futures, are traded through the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and its partners, including brokerages. Currency futures trading was introduced in 1972 by the CME. Due to the lack of access to the interbank exchange markets that some commodity traders suffered, the International Monetary Market (IMM) was created in the same year. The IMM is now a division of the CME, which averaged 754,000 futures contracts per day, according to 2009 reports. Technically, when trading forex futures, the trader is no longer trading over-the-counter (OTC). Futures are offered only in whole numbers, unlike the […]

Forex Myths

Myths, rumors and legends are everywhere. The forex market is not immune to them. The new forex trader is likely to be inundated with a number of forex myths, legends and downright falsehoods, so it’s important to separate fact from fiction before your money leaves your hands. Here is a list of just a few: Myth #1 – Forex can make you rich quick Think about forex as a journey, and not a destination. There is no final winning trade; no huge gains; no trade of the century. Advanced strategies like margin trading, options, and futures, require a great deal of analysis. Traders make money in the forex market by analyzing trends and making smart decisions. The gain on each trade is a small step in the direction of his or her long-term goals. Myth #2 – The forex market is rigged Sometimes you might hear a trader complaining that the market is against them. Every trade they make is a losing one. They blame the broker, the interbank, the government, the timing. The truth is this: foreign exchange rates change […]

Forex Platform Reviews

The majority of the world’s online forex trading is done on a computer using specially developed software. Most forex traders utilize web-based or downloadable forex trading platforms to help keep track of market fluctuations and automate repetitive tasks. Here is a list of just a few that we like: eToro eToro is an online forex trading platform with a user-friendly layout, making it easy to navigate for the new trader. Robust tools on this web-based application will satisfy the advanced trader, as well. 24-hour customer service, real-time analysis and live forex trader forums are available to all users. $50.00 opens an eToro trading account with no account fund levels. Weekly practice championships offering cash prizes pit traders of all skill levels against each other. EasyForex A downloadable trading platform helps the new trader with the basics and offers tools for the advanced user. Easyforex’s philosophy is that trading should be simple with clear goals and provides online tools to get the beginning trader off the ground quickly. Each account holder is assigned a personal account service manager and has access to extensive […]

Stocks vs Forex

The foreign exchange market might seem very similar to other financial markets to some people. On the surface, the forex exchange has many similarities to the stock exchange. However, there are a number of differences. Below is a breakdown of some of the major differences that might not be obvious to everyone. The Marketplace The stock market is a centralized market, meaning that it is located mainly in one place: the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). All trades enter and exit from that location. Forex is not centralized, and is considered an over-the-counter (or OTC) exchange. Trading Hours The stock market is operated on a strict schedule. So is the forex market. However, the stock market operates for 8 hours per day and then shuts down. Traders have to wait until the next morning to start trading again. There is no downtime in the forex market. It’s operated 24 hours a day in 3 shifts, 365 days a year. The forex trading hours in the U.S., Asian and European markets overlap, so trading at any time of the day or night is seamless. […]

Proprietary Forex Trading

In the world of forex trading, there are different types of traders and different types of trades. Every trader has a particular method or style of trading that suits his or her goals. Some incorporate two or more methods to employ the benefits of one that may not be present in another. Understanding each forex strategy is important for discovering which method works best for the individual trader. Forex proprietary trading is a method of trading with one’s own capital. Most individuals in the forex market are proprietary traders because they trade using their own money. The risk is entirely on the shoulders of the trader. Some experienced traders may work with forex managed accounts. Managed accounts offer the trader a much greater potential for profit and less risk because the money in those accounts are from other investors. Also called OPM (Other People’s Money) trading, forex managed accounts are generally the realm of the highly experienced trader. People will not trust their forex investments to just anyone. Most traders in this category have developed his or her education to the point of […]

Learn About Forex

Learning forex trading is all about getting the basics down first and then building from that solid foundation. The path you choose in gaining this education is a personal choice and there are many resources available. A forex education is more than just understanding the theories and learning what a pip is. Once the basics of forex are learned, there are other, more comprehensive levels from which to learn. The ability to move from one level to increasingly more complex and intricate levels of learning should be the focus of both the new trader and the education resource. Learning about the concepts of forex and the basics of how the market moves is great, but where can you go after you’ve learned how to use a forex calculator? A well-rounded resource is one that offers forex education in levels of complexity. Take the time to research the company from which you will gain your forex trading education. Find out how long they have been around and try to locate former students to discover what the clientele feel about them as a […]

Intermediate Forex Trading

The path from novice to expert forex trader is one of the degrees. You’re far from being an expert, but you’re not a newbie anymore, either. In truth, you’re actually in a good place. The goal for forex traders of all experiences is simply this: make more pips than you lose over time. Keeping that little nugget in mind can help the intermediate trader find more paths to success and avoid disappointment when having a bad day in the market. The trader with some degree of experience will be able to determine a forex trading strategy that he or she finds comfortable. The best forex trading method, system or philosophy is unique to the individual and each trader will have a different opinion on what works for him or her. Perhaps the trader has tried a few, dismissed some as useless, and found some to work well. An experienced trader will also have tried a few different forex trading systems or platforms. A forex platform or system is a software program that allows the trader to manage accounts and automate many of […]

How to use Forex Market Indicators

Foreign Exchange (also referred to as forex or FX) indicators and charting software can be a great deal of help for savvy traders who know how to use them when trading the forex. When making this important decision, consider these key points: What can one forex charting software or indicator offer that others cannot provide? What is the percentage of winning trades that actually come from using this indicator or software? Can a particular forex system be paired to work with another system? These questions are important when considering committing to one or more systems. Since one system is usually not sufficient for all market conditions, working with a variety of forex indicators or charting software may make the critical difference when trading based on the commonalities found on each system. Utilizing multiple systems could put the best winning percentage on your side. Why use indicators and software while trading? The short answer is timing and precision. In trading the forex, everything comes down to percentages. For example, a given trade has a certain percentage of winning; it also has a […]