Breaking up or down? EUR/JPY could bring traders 400-800 pips

By: Kristen Cervone

EUR/JPY – Will it break up or down?  EUR/JPY has recently made higher highs and higher lows and is currently seated on a consolidation range of about 160 pips, with long-term capital down A 132.281, B 115.482. Currently, the pair has reached the .618 Fibonacci retracement level, which leads to the D Fibonacci level at […]

Using a Forex Volatility Indicator

By: Charles Green

One of the most challenging aspects of Forex trading for novices is dealing with the aspect of currency volatility. Currency volatility is defined as the measure of price variation in the Forex. There are a number of techniques to deal with both large and small price variations in currency pairs. Adjusting the Amount of Leverage […]

What is Price Action in Forex?

By: Charles Green

Forex trading is thrilling, although it can require an incredible amount of strategy and indicators in order to turn a profit. Typically, price action means that traders are able to carry out an extensive range of technical analysis functions, without the need for any indicators. This type of technical analysis is focused on the past […]

What is Hedging?

By: Nathaniel Stought

Hedging is a common strategy in the financial markets. To hedge is to essentially reduce your exposure to adverse market movements, but hedging also provides some unique opportunities for profit as well. How does hedging work? One of the major reasons that have compelled businesses to hedge against price fluctuations is that they constantly face […]

Scalping vs. Day Trading vs. Swing Trading

By: Nathaniel Stought

When traders are identifying ways to make the best returns, they consider a wide range of options. These options could include scalping or day trading. Some people have the impression that those who choose to scalp, are putting themselves at risk while trying to take advantage of the market, but this is not the whole […]

Scalping Bollinger Bands

By: Charles Green

There are many successful ways of trading the Forex markets. Some traders swing a trade where their anticipated hold times are from a day to a week plus. This requires having a wider stop and usually has less than a 50% win rate — and because of the wider stop, the trader must trade very […]

Harmonic Patterns

By: Nathaniel Stought

There is one simple way to identify reversals that are in a trend:  through Harmonic Trading Patterns. By definition, these are trading patterns that recognize certain price patterns and the way those patterns are aligned to Fibonacci ratios. These harmonic patterns follow trading patterns and cycles which have proven over time to be repetitive. Using […]

FOMC Forex Forecast

By: Charles Green

Monetary policy is determined by the US Federal Reserve, through a branch known as the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC). Those who trade in Forex have great anticipation of FOMC announcements, especially those pertaining to interest rates decisions. Since the last meeting held in March, there have been several indicators that can be used to […]

2017 French Election: Forex Traders Say Bonjour to Increased Volatility

By: Nathaniel Stought

Opinion polls on the 2017 French Election all seem to be coming to the same conclusion. That conclusion is that following the French presidential election, Europe will fundamentally change. For Forex traders especially, this change could mean the difference between a period of significant gains or, time spent planning to buffer against a downward spiral […]

Trade Update: GBP/JPY Set for Quick 300+ Pip Potential

By: Brian Thomas

Being a target trader I am naturally looking for points where we believe the market has reached a major support/resistance point and has just struck a D extension on the fib scale.    In my opinion, trading back from the D (or a “sweet spot” trade as my mentor the FX Chief™ has dubbed it) […]

Forex Recap: EUR/JPY Poised for Major Price Correction

By: Brian Thomas

EUR/JPY is looking good! Currently, we’re looking for negative space to fill in the market on this Euro cross.  I don’t see any major announcements we need to be worried about this week that could shake this pair up. However, I have seen negative trade balance numbers, (in the case the Euro Central Bank), or […]

Forex Recap: London Session March 16th, 2017

By: Charles Green

GBP The British pound traded mostly sideways during the London session on Thursday. Queen Elizabeth granted her Royal Assent to the Brexit Bill, giving Theresa May legal authority needed to continue with Brexit preparation. May is now officially authorized to trigger Article 50 of the TEU, starting the formal process for an actual Brexit. The […]