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MTI 4.0 Charting – Forex Charting Software

The application provides a vast array of indicators and trading systems that provide the ability to create and customize trading indicators and charting functionality. To receive a FREE trial for MTI 4.0 Charting, please fill out the survey form below.

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  • Integrated Real-time Data Engine
  • Algorithmic Criteria Propagation Technology
  • Back-testing Propagation Capabilities
  • Chart Alarms and Email Alerts
  • 150+ Indicators and Customizable Trading Systems
  • Comprehensive Drawing Tools
  • Extensive Fibonacci, GANN & Jackson Zone Studies
  • Multiple Time-Frame Indicator Capability
  • Extensive Chart overlay functionality
  • Inbuilt Quotes Screen
  • Multiple Exchange & Market charting
  • Huge selection of various chart styles
  • Multiple trading screen function
  • Fully customizable studies and indicator styles
  • Hold up to 365 days of minute bars plus 8+ years of data

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