Ally Forex Trading Software Review

Ally West is a trading service that offers traders a comprehensive platform that is designed to meet all of their needs. Available at an affordable rate, this competitively priced product may very well be the next trading platform for you.

That is what we will be trying to determine today. Read on for a comprehensive guide to Ally Invest to determine if it is right for your needs.

Things You Might Like

  • Smooth Charting: You are getting a really solid charting system with this program. Its fairly easy to use, and comes equipped with lots of useful features, such as ten drawing tools, and eighty-four indicators that help to make the service as user-friendly as possible.
  • Customer Support: Customer support is an important aspect of trade platforms as there are generally so many complex components to this sort of software that you may very well find yourself in need of it at some point.

Ally offers impressive customer support, with calls getting connected pretty quickly (generally only a matter of minutes) and questions posed via other means (such as messenger or email) also receive prompt responses. It’s a basic component of a good program but it is also a basic component that many similar platforms fail to adequately address. Don’t underestimate the value of good customer service. It makes all the difference when you really need it.

  • Competitive Pricing: Ally Invest features a relatively low cost per trade of $4.95, as well as $.65 per contract—a rate that is significantly lower than the $7-10 you can expect to counter per trade with other programs.

Additionally, there is no minimum deposit which means that you don’t need to sink a lot of money into this program in order to start using it. You can dabble with a small deposit to give the platform a test drive and then go from there.

Things You Might Not Like

  • Growing Pains: It seems like Ally Invest is in the process of reconfiguring their program a little bit, which is a good thing but it does come at the price of its current function to a certain extent.

The compromises are small—the program can be a little bit laggy at points, and it is, in general, just not quite as easy to navigate as one would prefer it to be. My sincerest assumption is that this will not always be the case but for as long as it is this program may seem like a less attractive option than its more fully formed competition.

  • Security Questions at Login: Login security questions are a digital safety precaution that everyone is, at this point, very aware of. While they are a good way to keep sensitive information private I do believe that this software is a little bit heavy handed with them. It’s certainly not a huge con, but it can make logging in a little bit frustrating.


The bottom line is that this is a useful program. Yes, it is true that it is in the process of some growing pains and that is something of a drag, but it seems to me that the setbacks this program is enduring are truly the result of progress rather than latent defects.

That said, it is entirely understandable to want a program that is already flushed out and not in the process growing pains. To that end, you will need to make your own decision as to what is best. However, I am personally of the opinion that Ally Invest is at least worth giving a try.