CQG Trading Software Review

The field of Forex trading platforms is quite crowded and for that fact, it can be difficult determining which service is right for you, or even which is truly keeping up with industry standards, features, and technologies.

For the new or seasoned trader that is in the market for a new program, today we will be profiling the pros and cons of CQG Integrated—a comprehensive service that offers a massive amount of data and information for the trader that is looking for it.

Without further ado, read on for a comprehensive review of CQG Integrated to determine whether or not it is right for you.

Things You Will Like

  • Software: You are going to get accurate and up to date market information with this software. With this program you get continuation charts, notifications pertaining to select conditions that relate to time and price as well as portfolio scans designed around your preferred selections.

There are also components of this program, such as two of the six quote page formats that can be imported over to Microsoft Excel.

Indeed, the range of features that this high caliber software is able to provide is without question impressive but one must also inventory their needs to determine whether or not they will actually take advantage of it. If not, this program might very well feel cluttered and complicated.

  • It’s Highly Functional: There are a lot of options when it comes to the trading tools featured on this software and while some of them are complicated all of the ones that I have experienced also work very well.

is a feature that allows you to work with your orders, your charts and your news all on one comprehensive screen.

  • Education Program: One of the nice things about this program, given how saturated with features it is, is the education program that is designed to help you better navigate this sometimes complex platform.

This is a nice touch for the fact that it helps ensure that the painstakingly prepared tools of this program are able to meet their full potential. Without a system like this in place, many users could potentially find this software overwhelming.

Things That You Might Not Like

  • Complicated Install: Unfortunately, the complicated installation is something of a standard accompaniment of most Forex platform software. It’s not necessarily a bad thing but it can be somewhat inconvenient.

In this case, the complicated installation is mostly a product of how big the file is. I’ve mentioned several times now that you are getting a lot of features and options with this program, and it is certainly evidenced by the amount of time it takes to get this software up and running on your computer.

That said, once it is installed you should not run into further problems. It is, for the most part, a very smooth system.

  • It’s Expensive: The base package is going to set you back $595 a month, and of course that rate only increases with the more features that you add. This program is definitely a lot more expensive than most comparable products, which means that many potential customers might not want to give it a try.


Like all programs, CQG Integrated is certainly not without its cons. The sheer size of the program alone may be enough to immediately turn some traders away though of course the same robustness that could serve as a deterrent is also exactly what other people are looking for in their platform.

It all depends on your needs. If you are looking for a full-bodied program that does well provide every detail that you could possibly think of, CQG may very well be a good option. If you are looking for a slimmer choice, I would recommend that you resume your search.