MultiCharts Trading Software Review

If you like options (and who doesn’t) then MultiCharts is a trading platform that is without question worth taking a look at. The function of MultiCharts is to eliminate the obstacles of other similar programs to ensure that you have an intuitive, streamlined experience that is custom fit for your needs.

Or at least that is more or less how they describe their services. As we all know, however, platforms are often not able to fulfill the promises of their features. Let’s now take an in-depth look at MultiCharts to determine if it is the right program for your needs.

What You Might Like

  • Free Trial: The free trial is always a nice feature in that it allows you to overcome the learning curve of a new platform without sinking a lot of money into it. In this case, the free trial takes place on a demo server which has all the features of the full program but uses digital money.

The simulation is nice in that you can determine whether or not you even like the program without risking any money. If you do decide to go forward with a full-fledged subscription you will find that there are a variety of packages to choose from ranging from $99 a month to $66 a month. The longer commitment you make the less your monthly subscription fee will be.

  • Complimentary 24-Hour Support: Surprisingly, customer service is not always free with sites like these which is why it is nice to see that they have a robust complimentary customer service platform that you can utilize at any time of day. It features options to email, call, or even video call representatives to ensure that you get all the help that you could need.
  • Comprehensive: For your money, you are essentially getting everything that you could ask for out of a platform. Whether you want to hone your skills with the simulated trading that we have already looked at, or you want to enjoy the graph drawing tools, market scanners, hundreds of indicators, automated trading, or strategy back testing, this program has you covered.

Like I said, you really are getting everything that you could hope for here. MultiCharts provides all that you want out of a trading platform so that you can take a focused, custom approach to your trading.

What You Might Not Like

  • Lengthy Install: This is a standard and fairly minimal concern when it comes to larger trading platforms. The bigger the program the longer it will take to install. Unfortunately, this lag can also sometimes take place when you fire up the program as well. The more features a program has, the more things there are to update.

Of course, this is, in reality, a pretty minor problem but it is also something of a drag.

  • Slightly Pricy: Don’t get me wrong, MultiChart’s pricing system is more or less in line with market standards, but there are nevertheless still programs out there that are priced a little bit more competitively.


Regardless of your experience level, you want a program that benefits from years of innovation and development. That is exactly what you are getting with MultiCharts.

The bottom line is that this program is designed to help you make the very most out of your trading strategies and with its array of useful features, as well as its extremely helpful staff that is exactly what it is able to accomplish.

Whether you are a new trader that is looking to get started with their very first platform or veteran that is shopping around for a new program, I think that it will be worth your time to at least give MultiCharts a try.