Sirix Trading Software Review

Today we will be taking a look at the trading platform Sirix, a fully packed software that is loaded with options and indicators that are designed to give you a personalized experience. Of course, these are the promises of every software. In order to really determine whether or not a product is right for you, one must take an in-depth look at the features of this program.

That is exactly what we will now be doing. Let’s take a look the positive and negatives of Sirix to see how it stacks up to your needs.

Things You Will Like

  • It’s Easy to Use: With Sirix you will be able to access your information and make trades through any computer at any time without the need for an intricate and lengthy download. This is a particularly handy feature for the fact that platforms of this nature are quite often noted for their complicated installations.

While this is a component of the platform that you may not often need to utilize it is definitely going to be nice to have when you do need it.

  • Indicators and Options: You are getting a lot in way of options with this site. In fact, you can count on receiving the benefit of over sixty indicators.

The charting system will also allow you to display in a variety of timeframes and you will additionally be able to display your own lines and annotations.

  • Get Social: In addition to making your own trades and utilizing your own strategies, you will also be able to observe the actions of other traders and even copy their decisions.

When you decide to copy a trader that you are observing your account will automatically mimic the trades that they make.

If you do not want to spend the same amount of money that the other trader is dealing in you can make trades that are adjusted to be proportionate to your budget regardless of what they do.

In order to access this feature, you are going to need to join their social community by making an accounting using a nickname (noting the fact that the use of real names is against Sirix policy).

  • Take it on the Go: Finally, you will be able to take this platform on the go with you using a phone or tablet application that is just as comprehensive as the web server. This is a great feature for the trader that is going to need to make trades as they are out and about.

Things That You Might Not Like

  • Uses Flash: In the world of pros and cons (so to speak) the use of flash is about as minimal a setback as a program can have. Of course, the reason that this is a con is the fact that without a proper plugin you are not going to be able to use Sirix.

The good news is that this is a flaw that is pretty easily remedied.


While no program, including Sirix, is without its flaws, for the most part, this platform is a good option for users of all experience levels. It is easy to use, innovative, and the interface is very attractive, which while not the most important feature, is always a nice component of a trading platform.

Naturally, the usefulness of a trading platform is always relative to the needs and preferences of the trader. That said if you did find the features illustrated in the pros and cons section attractive, I am personally of the mind that you will benefit from at least trying Sirix out.